Thursday, December 8, 2011

Port side structure main elements mostly completed. Each station of two formers needs to be boxed in on the inside. Still quite a bit of detail work to go on this side.
About to start positioning stringers on Starboard side.


  1. just question here.
    Is the fuel tank, the green chromate box like structure behind the pilot seat?

  2. Yes that's the main fuel tank. There were also fuel tanks in the wing centre section and an optional belly tank.

  3. great, thanks. another question on the tank, a close up of the tanks shows slot (not the emboss stiffener on the tank)cut into the tanks, or is it my eyes playing trick on me?

  4. Another question Nick, i wonder what you use to secure the horizontal wood span to the wood lazer cut ribs?, glue,just like in Radio control kit?


  5. The fuel tank does have cutouts. Its actually just an outer casing for the rubber fuel bladder that sits inside.
    The glue I'm using is water based aquadhere. For airworthy restorations a two part epoxy would be used.